Why Buy an E-Bike?

Did you know that you get ALL the health benefits (and even more) from riding an electric bicycles as from a non-assisted e-bike?

1. You keep moving your joints - without having to put to much pressure on them. 
2. You are using your muscles, lungs, heart - but YOU choose the level of exercise according to your level of fitness. 
3. You are keeping your brain fit. 
And, and this may be the most important thing, you will ride a bike when you normally wouldn't: why not do your shopping or daily commuting with your electric bicycle, and leave your car at home. 
The health benefits of e-bikes are well researched and documented. 
And we haven't even mentioned indirect health benefits through environmental benefits, and through giving a good example to others. 

We offer five e-bike brands: Volto, Kalkhoff, Focus, Smartmotion, Tern. We stock these brands for test rides. 
All bikes are come with a FREE service package.

E-Bike technology: How it works

Electric Bicycles are basically normal bicycles that are equipped with an auxiliary electric motor which supports your pedaling when you want or need it, e.g. going uphill or when there is head wind.

Also, it enables you to ride longer distances. 
In New Zealand, many electric bicycles also have a throttle and you can also ride them without pedaling. 
The small electric motor sits either in the back wheel or in the centre.
You can activate the motor by pedaling, or, on some bikes, by turning a throttle.
The battery charge allows you to enjoy support for between 25 and 205 km depending on bike technology, battery capacity, environmental factors and the level of support you choose. 
Your maximum speed on the flat should be that of normal pedaling 15 - 35 km/h - but there will be support especially with head wind or on slopes. 
Technical Data: Motor: 250-300 W, Battery 36 V, capacity 10-17 Ah; 6 - 27 Gears (derailleur or hub integrated), Weight 16-28 kg.