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We offer a wide range of electric and non-electric bikes of most genres, and an increasing range of scooters and skateboards.
We open Mon - Fri from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday between 9:30 am and 2:00 pm.
We offer various frame styles: Classic, Step-through, Folding, and Mountain Bikes - you will find the right one for you.
We also sell a large range of accessories like locks, helmets, pumps, lights, baskets, panniers, bags, clothing, and bike parts and repair kits.
We have a lowest price policy: if you see that product in a shop for cheaper, we will usually at least match that price.
Our bike mechanic will be present every opening day from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. Bring your bikes in for any problem or service! Our shop manager Dean can do basic care, Neil looks after the fine-tuning and can provide more advanced care. In case he cannot help, we will organise further help from here through Frank van der Hulst from CyclePro Hamilton, our bicycle consultant. No problem is considered too small or too big!

We offer five e-bike brands: Volto, Kalkhoff, Focus, Smartmotion, Tern. We stock these brands for test rides.

All bikes are priced as below and come with a FREE service package and full warranty.
Matthias and Elena


Matthias and Elena - Directors

Phone numbers

Dial 07 867 9026 or, after hours, 021 0816 5000

Dean Pentecost - Shop Manager
Dean Pentecost

Shop Manager

Neil Kaku

Chief Bike Mechanic

Neil Kaku - Chief Bike Mechanic

Used sale: We keep the rental fleet young - you benefit ! Current offers:

Smartmotion e-Urban, red, model 2015. Approx 23 months old. Good condition. NZD 1799.
Smartmotion e-Urban, aubergine, model 2014. Approx 30 months old. Excellent condition. NZD 1999 ONO including panniers, helmet. Battery tested, > 90%. On behalf. Make an offer.

Volto / Cross 5

Keep it simple: big value for little money

Andreas from Tauranga is the manufacturer of the NZ Volto and Cross brands.
We from JollyBikes have a direct say on the features and quality of these very reliable and affordable bikes.
Volto: the sturdy commuter.
They come in a step-through (or unisex) version, a guy's (bar) version or a folding version.
They have a throttle to dose the support freely as you need it, and a pedal assist choice in three levels.
All frame styles NZD 1,949.
The direct drive motor is extremely durable. The battery (16 Ah) is placed below the seat for a low centre of gravity. The range is 30 - 90 km.
The Cross 7: affordable fun to come soon! This electric MTB will replace the sold-out Cross 5.

Kalkhoff, Focus, Tern

Sophistication becomes main stream: Mid motor technology.

Kalkhoff, Focus (Germany) and Tern Bikes (USA, Taiwan) are a high-end products, yet still affordable.
Kalkhoff and Focus are engineered and made in Germany by the same manufacturer. Kalkhoff is the city brand, whereas Focus covers the serious MTB type of bike. Tern is a folding bike specialist.
They all have a mid (crank) motor. The Impulse motor has specifically been developed for e-bikes and exclusive to that manufacturer.
The mid motor supports you directly from where you pedal.
The bike actually "reads your mind" with a pedal pressure (torque) sensor - the support is adapted to your actual intentions. No throttle needed, as the support kicks in immediately.
The gearing of the Kalkhoffs is integrated into the hub.
We have several models available for test rides at the moment, starting from NZD 3,999.
The Kalkhoff Sahel Compact is an ideal option for motorhomes: it is light and flattenable in seconds.
The Focus come in different versions, as hard tail or fully suspensed version.
They are perfectly balanced and have some cool features like turbo mode and bluetooth connectivity.

Tern is a manufacturer specialised on folding bikes. We have a Tern E-Link in stock for you to test. It has a Bafang mid motor. The frame is very stiff, and the motor gives a soft riding experience.
Also, we have ordered for you the Tern Vectron (former name Electron) (with Bosch mid motor). There are lots of patents on these newly engineered light weight bikes, and a 10 years warranty by the manufacturer indicates the quality. The Tern E-Link will arrive later this year, and you can pre-order them from us.


NZ tradition with advanced modern features.

Smartmotion bikes where originally developed for New Zealand post by a Kiwi man called Anthony Clyde. To read the full story, click on the following link: The Smartmotion Story
The Smartmotion range starts with a classic series with a step through unisex version (e-City), a boy's version (e-Urban) and a folding bike (e20), all equipped with the same technology with an optional five-step pedal assist and a half-throttle. They feature a sophisticated board computer and lights connected to the main battery.
A new product are the mountain bike "Catalyst" with dual torque/cadence pedal assist sensor (but no throttle), hydraulic brakes, and 20 Shimano gears. The computer display and the battery are integrated into the frame. It comes as well as a street version with mudguards and carrier and an integrated light system, with 10 gears. This version is called "Pacer".
The Smartmotion have 6 degrees of pedal assist, the lowest one being zero, which means you can switch the pedal assist completely off while you are riding.
The classic range has a cadence sensor to pick up whether you are pedaling, whereas Pacer and Catalyst have a torque sensor as well, which measures your pedal pressure (you can switch between the two).
The motor is a geared rear hub drive, which gives you a sportive feel if you chose high assistance.
There is no speed limit: the maximum supported speed is programmable to your liking
Special Guest: BH fixie e-bike easygo race

NZD 1999

Special Guest: BH fixie e-bike easygo race  - NZD 1999

Lowest Price Policy

We offer you the same prices as other retailers, plus you have our excellent service plan.

However, if you find one of the bikes we offer at a lower price elsewhere just tell us, we will usually match that price.

If the financial burden is still a bit high at the moment, you can ask us for a demonstration model. We regularly sell used bikes to keep our rental fleet young. You will usually find a current offer on the top of this page.
Kalkhoff Sahel and Agattu   - from NZD 3999
Kalkhoff Sahel and Agattu

from NZD 3999

Volto TDN08Z

NZD 1949

Volto TDN08Z - NZD 1949
Pacer and Catalyst - NZD 3499
Pacer and Catalyst

NZD 3499

Focus Jarifa - NZD 4799
Focus Jarifa

NZD 4799

Focus Jarifa I29 - NZD 5799
Focus Jarifa I29

NZD 5799

Smartmotion e20 - from NZD 2449
Smartmotion e20

from NZD 2449

Tern Vectron
Tern Vectron

FAQ about e-bikes

1. How far can I go on one battery charge?
This depends on the technology of the bike, the capacity of the battery, the usage type and the terrain. It will typically be between 30 km on electricity only and 90 km under mixed use and good conditions with a typical 15 Ah battery. If range is a critical point, you can opt for a Kalkhoff bike with "Impulse" motor which will give you support for up to 205 km on one charge.
2. When do I have to replace the battery and what are the costs?
A battery usually lasts 4-6 years under regular use. A replacement costs between 600 and 1100 NZD.
3. Does the bike recharge the battery when I am pedaling or braking?
No. The benefit of this is marginal, and there are drawbacks, so there are only very few brands on the market which offer this feature, and none of them is currently available in New Zealand. You simply recharge them at home by plugging it into a normal power socket.
4. How heavy are the bikes?
Between 16 and 28 kg depending on the model.
5. Are they allowed on the Hauraki Rail Trail?
Definitely yes, as long as they are street legal (max 300 W).
6. Do I need a license to ride them?
No. You should be able to ride and keep your balance on a normal bike though.
7. How much are they allowed to carry?
Usually 100 - 120 kg depending on the model.
8. What is the difference between a cadence and a torque sensor?
The cadence sensor reacts to rotation and switches the support on when you are pedaling, to a levels you have chosen.
The torque sensor reacts to the pedaling pressure and adapts the amount of support accordingly: the more pressure, the more support. The torque sensor is sometimes preferable to couples when one partner rides an e-bike and the other one a "normal" bike, because the dosing of the support is finer adapted to the needs. If you are riding alone or along another e-bike rider, this is of less importance.
Also, the torque sensor makes the bike more effective and increases the range.
9. Does it matter where the motor is situated?
The motor can be in either wheel or in the middle (crank). I personally like both rear wheel and mid drives. Front wheel drives can be difficult on steep hills as there is little weight on the front wheel, and when you change direction there can be a "pulling" feeling.
The mid drive is the trend of most of the industry. It connects well to the torque sensor and helps balancing the bike out. It has disadvantages as well as it puts more strain on the chain.
The rear drive feels quite sportive, but it makes tire change a bit cumbersome as a cable goes into the rear hub.
10. What do I respond if people say that I am cheating?
Ask them whether they are riding a bicycle at all. If not, just smile at them with empathy (or sympathy). If they do ride a bicycle, ask them how often they have used it in the past year. If they are keen riders, show admiration for them and tell them that riding an e-bike is your way of doing the same thing. Warn them to never try an e-bike because e-bike riding is addictive. If they behave patronising, ask them to explain the benefits of non assisted bikes over e-bikes. They will show their ignorance or just become silent.

We are there for you

Our support does not end in helping you make the right decision.
We will be there for you for adjustments, service, repair - we will even try to help you if you have not bought the bike at our shop. We will get spare parts for you and, if possible, provide you with a spare bike until yours is fixed!