Big value little money

FALCON Trekking E-Bike

The Falcon Trekking E-Bike is  Suitable for all rail-trails, as daily commuter or just to get around without thinking about those tough hills

Price: 1,950 $

TUI Step-Through E-Bike

The TUI Step-Through E-Bike is versatile and easy to drive. The low step-through frame allows a safe and convenient start or stop of your ride. 

Price 1,950 $

ROBIN Folding E-Bike

The ROBIN Folding E-Bike is our little one. You can fold it in a few seconds,  chuck it in your boot and go for a ride. It is your perfect motor home companion. 

Price: 1,950 $

CROSS5 E-Mountain Bike

The CROSS5 is an electric mountain bike. It is sold out, but the good news is that the better, stronger but still light weight CROSS7 is about to come out!

Price 1,950 $ sold out


NZ tradition with advanced modern features.


The E-City has a powerful rear motor will take you up any hill. It is low step over and has an upright seating position that make it a favorite for effortless cruising. 

Price: 2,799 $


The Catalyst is designed in New Zealand by avid cyclists with the dream to integrate new technology & a great ride into one amazing electric mountain bike.

Price: 3,399 $


The E-Urban has power, range and comfort at a great price. Ride past gridlocked traffic and save bus, train and car costs as well as helping the environment. 

Price: 2,799 $


The E-20 can fit in almost any car boot or motor home. They ride beautifully and many of our E-20 owners tackle huge tours on this little gem and rave about it. 

Price: 2,749 $


The Pacer is designed for commuting, touring or your daily get about. It has great features such as a high capacity rear carrier, and USB charging.

Price: 3,399 $


Perfectly convenient and fit everywhere


The E-link combines a terrific ride, fold-ability, and e-power. When your commute is a little longer or hills stand in the way, going electric is just the ticket. 

Price: 3,999 $


The Vektron is the world’s most compact Bosch-driven electric bike. It takes everything great about folding bikes, portability for travel and storage, & perfects it. 

Price: 4,999 $


Ride off-road & electric 


The Trapez is well balanced, beautiful in design, and easy to get on and off. The Trapez is a perfect bike if you want to have a durable commuting bike. 

Price: 3,779 $ Out of stock


The Aventura is a high-end electric bike offering an active frame and bar design that's great for commuting or touring, 100+ mile range in lower assist levels. 

Price: 3,779 $


The I-29 is an aesthetically appealing electric mountain bike for long tours. The hard-tail is intended for easier trails and long trips. 

Price: 5,799 $


Ubran luxury

Sahel Compact I8

The Sahel Compact I8 is a folding bike with a compact frame and excellent ride characteristics. The bike is space-saving and has folding pedals, and a twist stem.

Price: 4,299 $

Agattu I8 HS

The Agattu I8 HS is a comfortable and very capable urban style electric bike. It delivers excellent range, with great comfort and utility.

Price: 4,499$


The Include electric bikes combine ground-breaking design concepts, attention to detail & first-class functionality to produce an exceptional electric bike.

Price: 5,999 $

Integrale 10

The Integrale 10 more than justifies its name. It has an exceptionally tidy appearance and there isn’t a single item on the bike which looks out of place.

Price: 5,999 $

BH electric bikes

Our Special guest is fast and efficient

Easygo race

The BH easygo race is a single-speed fixie style electric bike. With a super light weight of 34lbs. It is easy to pedal & excellent for straight-away sprints.

Price: 1,999 $


Kids Bikes, Commuting Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Sports Bikes

Kids Bike Kids Bicycle
Merida Commuting Bike Commuting Bicycle
Merida Mountain Bike Mountain Bicycle
Racing Bike Racing Bicycle

We offer a wide range of kids bikes, commuting bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes and other fun bikes. If you are looking for any sort of those bikes we will most likely have the perfect bike in store for you. Our large variety of bikes come in all sorts of shapes sizes and prices, meaning, you will find what you are looking for. We always have new products in store so come in and see what bike suits you best. 

(Bikes displayed in pictures may no longer be in stock)


Everything you need for your bike

Helmet grey
Blue bicycle Rain poncho light blue
Thule electric bike rack
Kids Bicycle trolley red

If you want to cycle but do not have any gear, or already cycle and need gear, we have got you sorted. From bike parts, to bike wear, to bike trailers, to bike racks, we have got you sorted. Our shop is a one stop shop for all bike accessories and if we do not have the item you want have it in stock, we can get it in. If you are not sure what is legally required for you to have when you ride your bike, come in and talk to one of our friendly staff and they will let you sort you out.

(Bikes displayed in pictures may no longer be in stock)

Scooters & Skateboards

Thames' one stop gear shop for the new skater-park

Skateboard park with person skating
Skateboard park with person skating
Skateboard park with person scooting
Skateboard park with people skating

Make the most of Thames' new skater-park. Join the fun and get yourself kitted out and ready to go to impress your friends and learn new skills. The Thames skater-park is currently the hottest thing is Thames and we have got everything you need from skateboards to scooters. Do not miss out on the fun and join the sate/scooter family now!

New arrival! MGP Scooters, level Pro and Team, in nice colours: teal/orange and a purplish red. 

Come and check them out! 


We offer you the same prices as other retailers, plus you have our excellent service plan. 

However, if you find one of the bikes we offer at a lower price elsewhere just tell us, we will usually match that price. 

If the financial burden is still a bit high at the moment, you can ask us for a demonstration model. We regularly sell used bikes to keep our rental fleet young. You will usually find a current offer on the top of this page. 

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