I guess it is time to introduce our two new faces in the shop:Christian Adolf is our new Business Manager. Originating from Germany, where he trained as a nurse, he has shifted roles and done a master's degree in business and management at the Waikato University. He has...
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A wheelbuilder

November 24, 2017

New asset to our team.

We are super proud and happy to announce that Keith Poole has joined our team. Keith is not only an experienced bike mechanic, but also a qualified wheel builder. He has run a bike shop in the past and has re-ignited his old passion for bike mechanics. It is an absolute...
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Hi, we have now started to organise complete Hauraki Rail Trail experiences, and that's been great so far! during the last weeks, we have been checking out accommodations and transportation services to bundle it all up for you individually after your personal preferences, at...
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We are sorry to have to say that the supply problem of the Powerbutler has not been solved. Some of you know that the manufacturer died a sudden death in February. His family has not been willing to continue the business, which meant the end of the Powerbutler supply. If so...
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Motorhome + E-bike = A dream team !!!

OKTOBERFEST at smartRV in Auckland! <-- Click here!...
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A new focus

No, I am not talking about our new Focus e - mountain bike, although it would be well worth talking about (we leave that for after your test ride). I am talking about a new focus we have - on e-bikes and RVs / motorhomes as the perfect combination. An often asked question, ...
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The Mercury Deal

July 31, 2016

Be part of the electric solution!

Little by little the image of electric bicycles is changing from a forbidden doped sports device to a commuting vehicle, and many other functions, too. After many supportive articles in local and national newspapers, the power company mercury offers this fabulous deal to al...
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First of all, since many people have been asking us for helmets, locks, baskets etc. we have decided to offer a range of accessories for direct sale in our shop in Thames. So, our little shop looks a bit more grown-up now....
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Here's some exciting news: Andreas from our Tauranga branch have bought NZ-EBIKES, the importer of the Volto and Cross5 brands, from Mark the Chech engineer from Auckland. That means we now have direct control over the features and quality of these very reliable and sturdy ...
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Range extension!

May 20, 2016

We extend our and your range!

With our new acquisition, Kalkhoff E-Bikes, we have added a real top-brand to our range. The Agattu Impulse 8 HS (background) supports you for up to 205 km !!! In the foreground you see a Kalkhoff Sahel compact, semi-foldable, which might be the ideal solution if you own a...
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