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New bikes arrived, and accessories

First of all, since many people have been asking us for helmets, locks, baskets etc. we have decided to offer a range of accessories for direct sale in our shop in Thames.
So, our little shop looks a bit more grown-up now.

New models

Also, we have again acquired a new model for you, actually two versions of one exciting new model: The new Smartmotion Pacer and Catalyst.
They, in some regard, combine both advantages of the European style Kalkhoff brand and the more classic Smartmotion models and Cross 5 and add a fresh style and interpretation to it:
They have both cadence and torque sensors, combined with a powerful rear hup motor. Now, what is the difference between a cadence and a torque sensor?
The cadence sensor reacts to rotation and switches the support on when you are pedaling, to a levels you have chosen.
The torque sensor reacts to the pedaling pressure and adapts the amount of support accordingly: the more pressure, the more support.
The torque sensor is sometimes preferable to couples when one partner rides an e-bike and the other one a "normal" bike, because the dosing of the support is finer adapted to the needs. If you are riding alone or along another e-bike rider, this is of less importance.



If you come into our shop next week, you will also have the chance to try and order one of our best priced E-bikes for the old price of 1799$ (new price from 1.August: still incredible 1949$ if you think of it).
Together with our Tauranga branch we have sold more than 30 of them within the last 12 months and have made customers happy. You can read the convincing testimonies on
From August they come in fresh colours and some improved details, like a battery with increased capacity for more range.


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