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Motorhome and e-bike - a dream team

A new focus

No, I am not talking about our new Focus e - mountain bike, although it would be well worth talking about (we leave that for after your test ride).
I am talking about a new focus we have - on e-bikes and RVs / motorhomes as the perfect combination. An often asked question, how to charge your e-bike from your motorhome battery without draining the latter too much, has now found an answer:
The PowerButler.
This is an intelligent converter from 12V to 36V (the voltage of a typical e-bike battery) which avoids the power loss of a standard sinus wave converter. Together with the conventional charger of the e-bike the efficiency is only 65%, in contrast to the 90%-efficiency of the PowerButler.
Also, the PowerButler is very safe to use, regardless whether you are driving or standing.
It plugs into a standard cigarette lighter socket. You can charge two batteries at the same time and the more drained one will be identified and prioritised by the device, which also notifies you when the battery is fully charged.
We will introduce the device and make it available on and after the "Oktoberfest" at smartRV in Auckland on the 15th October. Come and find us there! Or contact us personally or per email after that date.

E-bikes for the motorhome garage

Also, we have - apart from classic e-bikes that go onto a classic bike rack - some very special e-bikes to offer that will fit into your motorhome garage without taking up much space.
I am talking about the Kalkhoff Sahel Compact, which is a small, easily flattenable e-bike.
And I am also talking about our folding bikes - with the new Tern Electron as the flag ship (will come in November) and our Smartmotion and Volto folding models (available now).
So you can just leave your RV where you stay overnight, and explore the surroundings effortless and still at the fresh air, moving your joints after a long journey sitting in the front seats...


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