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Great news for Volto- and Cross5 owners and friends!

Here's some exciting news: Andreas from our Tauranga branch have bought NZ-EBIKES, the importer of the Volto and Cross5 brands, from Mark the Chech engineer from Auckland.
That means we now have direct control over the features and quality of these very reliable and sturdy bikes. They have all the necessary features at a very competitive price. The next lot will arrive in August and you can pre-order them in a variety of colours and frame variations.
There will be a slight price increase from August so be quick and test them at our Thames or our Tauranga branch.
Another option is renting one first - from Paeroa, Thames or Tauranga - for a day or two to experience them on the road or the Hauraki Rail Trail. They are the mainstay of our rental fleet because they do the job simple and reliable and are we can keep the prices almost as low as classic bike rentals. Did you know that we refund the full rental price if you buy an e-bike from us?
The "cross 5" electric mountain bikes with 21 gears and a weight of only 20 kg (5 - 8 kg less than most e-bikes) are extremely well balanced and a real beauty.


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