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Who we are

Matthias and Elena are a German-Spanish couple and immigrated into Thames, New Zealand in September 2010 with our five kids born between 1994 and 2003.

We love nature and cycling and have enjoyed marvelous cycling tours.

Matthias is a GP (family doctor) and Elena looks after the house, the kids and our numerous guests. 

Luen came to JollyBikes in July 2018. She moved, together with her husband Bo, to Thames in 2016. 

She has a passion for biking and tourism, and the combination of both. So it was only logical that we joined forces. 

The Idea

We know that New Zealand has a reputation of being a "green" country both for its richness in vegetation and it's ecological attitude. We believe that more cycling will add to it and help justifying it even more.

We believe that many more people could experience the joy of cycling and a lot of them just need to try with a bit of support.

We believe that cycling is extremely beneficial for health with and without electric support for a bunch of reasons. We are aware that many people would not be able to go the distances they want to without electric support.

This is why we're here.

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How We Work

We are, selling, renting and servicing bicycles.

We have started with electric bikes in 2015, and are proud to offer one of the biggest ranges of products of all New Zealand e-bike retailers. In the meantime, we have now widely amplified our services to all common kinds of bicycles. We proud us of solid servicing. There is no too hard-bucket. If we cannot help, we will organise it.

We rent bikes to you after your preferences. We can give you advice where to go and how to get the most out of it. You can also book shutlles through us, if you want to go one way only. 
Charming Gayle Shegedin, who was raised in Thames, will be able to accompany you through setting up your tour, whether you alone, as a couple, a family or group. 

We sell bikes. We can show you different models, features and
equipment. We take all the time you need, at a time that suits you. We do not charge anything for trying them on the Thames hills, and refund any individual rental payments of the last 6 months (up to 3 days) if you buy a bike from us. We offer finance (through Gilrose). 

We have a large range of accessories. On the North Island, we are the sole stockist of the fabulous FastRider bike bags and baskets. 

As a GP, Matthias can give you health advice in regards to the bikes. 

The bikes are easy to understand and to ride. We will make sure that you are safe. 

With every new e-bike comes a FREE service plan. As experienced bike mechanics, Neil Kaku and Keith Pool will be there for you for any technical support you may need. Both are as passionate as knowledgeable and go the extra mile to look after our and your bike. Neil has lived in the USA for many years, and has now been a Thames local for more than 20 years. Keith has a very long history as a bike mechanic and bicycle and moped shop owner. 

And finally Christian, our reliable as ambitious businness manager, a true human angel, holds it all together. 

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Our Staff

JollyBikes Shop owners and directors
Matthias John


Gayle Shegedin - Tour Booking Clerk
Gayle Shegedin

Tour Booking Clerk

Luen Wong - Director
Luen Wong


JollyBikes Chief Bike Mechanic
Neil Kaku

Bike Mechanic

JollyBikes Shop Manager
Christian Adolf

Business Manager

Keith Pool - Bike Mechanic
Keith Pool

Bike Mechanic

Thames Valley hills and nature
Thames Scenic Coast forest, ocean and road
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