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Riese and Müller is a German company founded in 1993, by Markus Riese und Heiko Müller, in the garage of Markus' father (an equivalent to the Kiwi man cave). 
Long grown out of the humble beginnings, but still unique, they build electric bicycles on order, and ship them out one by one. 

Apart from the thoughtfully engineered frame geometry and suspension they offer only the top range of Bosch motors, paired with milestone gearing systems like Rohloff, Enviolo and Shimano Deore XT. Also, they are the only company offering Bosch motors with support up to 45 kph for New Zealand. Great for commuters! 

They are partnering with a handful of selected bicycle shops in New Zealand which are functioning as Test Centres where you can test ride the different technologies they have to offer. 

We are one of them. 

See what you could test ride, order and own soon:

ALL R&M 2019 TEST MODELS 10 - 25 % OFF

All pictured models are currently in stock for test rides.

Exception: Superdelite Rohloff arriving soon

Solid German engineering at an affordable price.

CUBE was founded in 1993 in a small town in Southern Germany. They are today a very successful company with an excellent reputation, selling more than half a million bikes annually. CUBE's focus is on MTB, but they offer a wide range of different styles. Their electric bike range all rely on Bosch drive systems. 

All pictured models are current stock. More are available on order. 

Reliability and endurance at an unbeatable price point.

Engineered by a German-bred Kiwi in Tauranga, to NZ specifications, since 2016, when he took over the Chinese brand "Volto" in NZ, re-engineered them and re-branded them to "evinci" in 2018. The components of all of his bikes are of high quality, with a warranty period of upper industry standard. 

All pictured models are usually in stock, unless there are sold out at the manufacturer. 

A long tradition of innovative flow. At heart of the Kiwi Nation.

Being one of the oldest E-bike manufacturers in New Zealand, Smartmotion has been engineering and developing their models very close to the pulse of the nation. Their model X-City is the backbone of our local rental fleet for the Hauraki Rail Trail, as it formidably manages all possible road conditions. 


We offer you the same prices as other retailers, plus you have our excellent service. 

However, if you find one of the bikes we offer at a lower price elsewhere just tell us, we will usually match that price. 

If the financial burden of a quality e-bike is too high at the moment, you can ask us for a demonstration model or a trade-in. And, regularly sell used bikes to keep our rental fleet young. 

Moreover, we offer finance through Gilrose.  


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