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For 125 years Gazelle has produced the highest-quality, most comfortable, lightweight bicycles possible. Their focus on thoughtful design and technical innovation are inspired by their love of cycling, and a belief that bicycles should be a part of daily life wherever possible.  

Gazelles bikes feature low step-through frames to allow easy use by everyone, powerful and reliable mid-drive motors to get you where you need to go, and come complete with everything you need such as fenders, racks, lights, bells, locks and kickstands.

Gazelle Orange C8

The Orange C8 is Dutch style in perfection. One important feature is the patented stem (handlebar holder) which can be firmly quick-adjusted without involving any tool, letting you vary your seating position from less to more upright, and back. It is not without good reason that it is Gazelle‚Äôs most comfortable e-bike. The tyres are city-style as well, so best suited for riding on paved surfaces, minimising your rolling resistance. Both front and seat suspension make your ride really a royal experience. 

  • Engine model: Impulse 2.0 
  • Battery type: Li-ion, 11.4 Ah for up to 130 km range (on eco) 
  • Max supported speed (km/h): 25km/h
  • Battery location: Integrated into carrier
  • Battery replaceable: Yes
  • Amount of support levels: 3
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Handlebar description: Comfort curved model, Stem quick-adjustable (patented mechanism)
  • Seatpost suspension: Yes
  • Rims: Rodi Vision, 28"
  • Gear type: Hub
  • Gears: 8
  • Brakes Front and Rear: Rim brakes with hydraulic control

Price: $3,699

Last one in stock but can still be ordered afterwards.


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