We want to facilitate your Cycle Trail experience

From simple bicycle rental to comprehensive tour planning we want to be your partner !

We can organise your tour, bring you back (shuttle service), book accommodation, recommend places to stop and attractions on the way. We can even hire a personal tour guide for you. 

Just ring us or flick us an email with your wishes, and we will get back to you with a quote. 

Bike Rental and Transport Services - Price Lists

Electric Bikes

Upgrade your Rail Trail experience with an e-MTB. We have a range of e-MTBs that will give you a sporty experience with their high torque performance. 

NZ$100 / day

Focus Aventura electric bike for rent

Your wishes have been answered. Finally, a serious, all terrain step through! The X-City is built to go where ever you want to. A totally capable adventure machine. Ride the trails with sure footed confidence and comfort. Up-right seating position for enjoying the view, wide ratio gears for tackling any incline. It’s time to exit the city!

NZ$100 / day

Go European in NZ!
The Kalkhoff Jubilee gives you a safe and elegant ride with a bike, in the most natural and organic ride possible. Just ride your own pace and feel the soft and listening support. This bike is almost limitless in range (70 km even on the highest support level, up to 200 km on lower support). Relatively narrow tires on big wheels for low rolling resistance. Different frame sizes to suit your body height. 

NZ$100 / day

Standard Bikes


Merida Crossway bike for rent

Standard mountain or 

hybrid bike: 

Avanti Discovery 3, 

Merida Big 7/9, or similar

NZ$50 / day

Bycicle child trailer for rent

Child Trailer (40 kg max load)

NZ$40 / day

WeeHoo tug-along bike for kids from 2 years on up to 30 kg

lets your kids pedal if they want to - comfortable seat.  

NZ$40 / day

electric bike tow bar for rent

Thule e-bike tow bar carrier for 1-2 e-bikes

NZ$40 / day

Rental Pricing

E - BikesStandard BikesDiscounts
Full day:                       $100
Half day°                      $60
24h:                             $115
One way hire             +$15

Full day:               $50
Half day°              $35
24h:                     $55
One way hire:    +$15
Discount for rentals
4+ days: 15% off total price

  • Bike availability may vary between rental stations.
  • Surcharge for mountain bikes if used on mountain bike tracks: 50% of standard price (due to more intensive cleaning requirements and higher wear and tear).
  • Minimum age for renting electric bikes is 16 years and experience with cycling, adult guidance is required for children aged between 14 and 16. JollyBikes Ltd reserve the right to decide on a case by case basis.
  • ° Half day: Only after 1 pm, not after 3 pm and to a maximum of 4 hours in total, no reservations possible in advance. Not possible on Sundays. 

Rentals from:
Thames at 535 Pollen Street (around the corner from I-Site): Ph 07 8679026

Paeroa Information Hub, 101 Normanby Road: Ph 0800 524 537 (Michael)

Shuttle services

(incl. bikes)

1-2 Passengers  

3-4 Passengers  

5-6 Passengers  

7-8 Passengers  

9-10 Passengers  

Zone 1 -35 k
e.g. Thames - Paeroa;
Zone 2 -50 k
e.g. Thames - Waihi/Te Aroha/Kaiaua
Zone 3 -80 k
Te Aroha or Waihi -Kaiaua
Zone 4 -100k
Thames - Matamata

Public holiday
extra charge $20 per booking.

Shuttle T&C

Shuttle services are usually individual bookings - as opposed to our competitors, we have no set time table - that means, you tell us when you want to be picked up and brought where to.  

Accommodation Booking Service

We work together with a choice of bike-friendly accommodations in each of the main towns on the Hauraki Rail Trail. As a result of that we can book you places we know and recommend to you. This can be i.e. a B&B, a Hotel/Motel or a Holiday Park after your preferences. 

Please be aware that for tour bookings in the busier half of the year (October to April) we have to raise NZD 100 as a non refundable planning-and-booking fee per entire group and trip (NZD 60 for a single person) if more than bike rental and shuttle is required. 

Luggage service and bike relocations.

We can offer you luggage service: this is usually NZD 60 - 100 per day for the group, depending on the distance. 

Bike relocation (one-way trip fee if no shuttle is booked) is NZD 15 per bike. 


We can rent a local guide to lead you along your way and pass on his or her background knowledge to open your eyes to things you might otherwise overlook. A guide is NZD 350 for the whole day, and needs to be booked in advance.

One - Way - Trips, or Multi - Day - Trips

You want to go only one-way, with pick-up at the end of your trip? 

This can be arranged. It will typically cost between about 25 - 50 NZD per person, minimum overall charge 110 NZD. Ideally, this has to be booked a few days in advance. 

We recommend to allow 2 - 4 days for a full Hauraki Rail Trail experience, but can give you the best tips for a one-day experience as well.  

If you want to do an e-bike tour for several days along this or other routes, we will give you a charger so you can recharge your battery at your accommodation. 
Four rentals of more than 3 days a discount can be negociated. 

Tour planning assistance

You can plan and book all your tour and transport on your own, or you can ask us to arrange the following services: 

Shuttle Service, Luggage Service


Additional Activities like kayaking, walks, museum visits, train ride, adventure park visits. 

Tour guide. 

We will always give you the best price available for each service, or we can offer you a complete package as a proposal after your preferences. 
We know what not to miss and where to stay, to make the most of your cycle experience.

In the busier half of the year, October to April, we will raise NZD 60 as a non refundable planning-and-booking fee for a single person, or NZD 100 for a group (this is if more than just bike rental and shuttle is required).

Trips with children

We have a number of classic kids bikes available for rent, in different sizes. 

E-bikes: kids from 14 years on can ride their own e-bike. The younger ones better take normal kid's bikes. 

Small kids between 2.5 and 7 years can be carried on a Dolittle - seat which is available form us for a small surcharge. Here you can find out about them: Dolittle Kids Seat.

We also have kid's trailers available to tow behind your bike. Maximum load is 40 kg, for up to two little kids. Or try the WeeHoo tug-along! 


Explore the Hauraki Rail Trail, the wild Coromandel West Coast, or the romantic Kauaeranga Valley.

Check out our tour suggestions here:

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