Our Electric Rental Bikes

Our E-MTBs will give you a sporty experience with their high torque performance.

Focus Aventura electric bike for rent

The X-City (all terrain step through) is built to go where ever you want to.

The Kalkhoff Jubilee is almost limitless in range (with up to 200 km on lower support).

All electric bikes are rented at NZ$ 100 per full day. NZ$ 15 surcharge for 24 h rental. 

Standard Bikes and Accessories

Merida Crossway bike for rent

Standard mountain or hybrid bike:
Avanti Discovery 3, Merida Big 7/9, or similar

NZ$50 / day

NZ$10 surcharge for 24 h booking 

Bycicle child trailer for rent

Child Trailer (40 kg max load)

NZ$40 / day

WeeHoo tug-along bike for kids from 2 years on up to 30 kg, lets your kids pedal if they want to.

NZ$40 / day

electric bike tow bar for rent

Thule e-bike tow bar carrier for 1-2 e-bikes

NZ$40 / day

Shuttle services

(incl. bikes)

1-2 Passengers  

3-4 Passengers  

5-6 Passengers  

7-8 Passengers  

9-10 Passengers  

Zone 1
Thames - Paeroa or
Paeroa - Waihi
Zone 2
Thames -
Waihi/Te Aroha/Kaiaua
Zone 3
Te Aroha or Waihi -Kaiaua
Zone 4
Thames - Matamata

Public holiday
extra charge $20 per booking.

Shuttle T&C

Shuttle services are usually individual bookings - as opposed to our competitors, we have no set time table - that means, you tell us when you want to be picked up and brought where to.  

Luggage service and bike relocations.

We can offer you luggage service: this is usually NZD 115 - 220 per day for the group, depending on the distance. 

Bike relocation (one-way trip fee if no shuttle is booked) is NZD 15 per bike. 

Rental Terms and Conditions

See also T&C button (below on the right)

  • Bike availability may vary between rental stations.
  • Surcharge for mountain bikes if used on mountain bike tracks: 50% of standard price (due to more intensive cleaning requirements and higher wear and tear).
  • Minimum age for renting electric bikes is 16 years and experience with cycling, adult guidance is required for children aged between 14 and 16. JollyBikes Ltd reserve the right to decide on a case by case basis.
  • Half day: Only after 1 pm, not after 3 pm and to a maximum of 4 hours in total, no reservations possible in advance. Not possible on Sundays. 

Rentals from:

Thames at 96 (seaside end of) Richmond Street: Ph 07 8679026

Paeroa Information Hub, 101 Normanby Road: Ph 0800 524 537 (Michael)

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