‚Äč Bring your bikes in for any problem or service!

Our team is be able to do virtually everything from basic care up to the really tricky stuff.
Our first-hour mechanic Neil Kaku, and the qualified wheel builder Keith Poole, our senior bicycle consultant, can do it; no job to small or too big. 

You can always come in for a quality consultation about the fitness of your bicycle. Sometimes it is not easy to decide what to do about a problem, and how far to go, how much to invest. 
We will always do our best to help you with that decision. We will go the extra mile to find rare spare parts, and sometimes the unconventional solution. Also, we sell tools to enable you to do the easier stuff yourself. 

Bicycle repair and service pricing

We charge $20 per labour unit, which is 15 minutes. 
A typical full service comes to $80. Plus replaceable parts. 
If a repair needs to be done, additional costs may occur. 

Please discuss the repair and likely costs before you give the order and talk about the costs to be expected. You may print and fill out our repair order beforehand, if you like. See below. 

JollyBikes Service Check List

Wheel: spokes and wheel bearings checked and adjusted if needed

Bottom bracket: checked and adjusted if needed

Brake pads checked, brakes tested

Gears checked and adjusted

Chain and chainwheels checked

Headset: checked and adjusted if needed

Handlebar checked and adjusted if necessary

Tyres checked

Screws/bolts checked and tightened to specs

Lights checked

(E-bike: Motor and battery checked)

Test ride

Additional service / work done


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