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About JollyBikes


At JollyBikes, we are passionate about kindling the spirit of adventure and inspiring individuals to embark on exhilarating cycling journeys. Situated in the heart of Thames Coromandel, our dedication to cycling is evident in our meticulously curated selection of bikes, e-bikes, and accessories—ensuring you are well-equipped for your ventures on roads or trails.

JollyBikes stands as more than just a bicycle emporium; we are your premier Bike Repair Hub. Our adept mechanics provide top-tier repairs and servicing for all bicycle brands, ranging from basic tune-ups to comprehensive race preparation. With a fully stocked inventory of parts, we ensure you stay in motion.

Jollybikes award of the Silver Sustainable Tourism Business Award 2022 underscores our commitment to excellence and high performance. We consistently exceed visitor expectations through proactive leadership, ensuring an authentic and ever-improving sustainable experience.

Our mission extends beyond delivering products; we strive to empower individuals to take control of their transportation, prioritize their health, and cultivate community connections through the joy of biking. We are committed to crafting a distinctive biking experience, infusing enthusiasm into our community through quality products, exceptional customer service, and exclusive opportunities that resonate with our shared passion for cycling.

As the pulsating heart of our local cycling community, JollyBikes aspires to be more than a mere point of sale. We are the nucleus—a place where cyclists converge, share experiences, and fuel their passion for two-wheeled adventures. Join us as we pedal towards a shared vision of a vibrant and connected cycling community.

"JollyBikes wants to share a passion about cycling across New Zealand , and promote safe and healthy cycling across all experience levels."

Who we are

JollyBikes Ltd is 100% locally owned by Matthias John and Elena Casares del Arco. In 2010, this German-Spanish couple, accompanied by their five children, embraced the beauty of Thames, New Zealand, driven by their love for nature and cycling. Their cycling escapades in Europe and NZ have etched unforgettable memories.

In 2015, JollyBikes took root, starting with a modest offering of electric bikes for rent. Rapidly expanding due to the surging demand for e-bike purchases, JollyBikes became a fixture. Matthias, a trained GP, ardently advocates for the positive impact of cycling on health and endeavors to introduce people to this benefit from an early age.

His focus is on promoting e-bikes as a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation and leisure. In 2022, the couple acquired "Dickson Holiday Park" on the Northern end of Thames, offering a convenient haven for hiking and cycling enthusiasts.

New Zealand's reputation for its lush "green" landscape and ecological consciousness aligns with JollyBikes' belief that cycling and hiking contribute to this ethos. We aim to enable more people to relish the joy of cycling in both leisure and daily life. As the preeminent cycling hub in the Coromandel, JollyBikes embodies this spirit. Join us in discovering the beauty and advantages of cycling amidst the verdant landscapes of New Zealand.