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"JollyBikes Ltd has a vision to share our cycling passion across New Zealand that allows for safe and healthy cycling for all experience levels."

How do we aim to achieve it

  • We want to get people on bikes and keep them there.
  • We seek to empower individuals to take control of their transportation, health, and sense of community.
  • We want to offer an unique experience fulfilling our promise to our customers, not just a commodity
  • We want to energise people with our passion for cycling through quality products, superior customer service and unique opportunities.
  • We aim to be the hub of the cycling community


JollyBikes Ltd is 100% locally owned by Matthias and Elena.

Our story

Matthias and Elena are a German-Spanish couple who immigrated into Thames, New Zealand in September 2010 with their five kids. They love nature and cycling and have enjoyed marvelous cycling tours. In 2015, they founded JollyBikes, starting with a few electric bikes for rent; and soon people were asking to buy them as well. 

JollyBikes has a diverse team, and everyone has their own story of how and why they came to join JollyBikes, and why they stayed. 

We all know that New Zealand has a reputation of being a "green" country both for its richness in vegetation and it's ecological attitude. They believe that more cycling will add to it and many more people could experience the joy of cycling; some of them just need to try with a bit of support (E-Bike).

Matthias is a GP (family doctor), hence he believes that cycling is extremely beneficial for health with and without electric support for a bunch of reasons. Many people would not be able to go the distances they want to without electric support.

Cycling is fun for all experience levels, whether it is commuting, discovering the mountains or enjoying the many Great Rides in New Zealand. Within the Thames community, JollyBikes is seen as the cycling hub for this area.

This is why we're here.

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JollyBikes Shop owners and directors
Matthias John

Founder, Owner,


Shane Taylor  - Bike MechanicHead of Workshop
Shane Taylor

Bike Mechanic

Head of Workshop

JollyBikes Shop Manager
Hannah McMillan-Phillips

Business Manager

Gayle Shegedin - Sales Assistant, Customer service
Gayle Shegedin

Sales Assistant, Customer service

JollyBikes Chief Bike Mechanic
Neil Kaku

Bike Mechanic

Sales Assistant, Customer Service
Ingrid Dutartre

Sales Assistant, Customer Service


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