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NEWS - Covid-19 Update - 26 March

As The Prime Minister has upgraded the Covid19 alert level to level 4 and the country will be in lockdown, excepting those who are providing essential services, and the businesses that support them. Therefore our shop is closed until further notice.

Level 4

For those of you who will continue to work because you are providing an essential service according to the official essential services list, we can support you with parts, bikes or repairs by appointment. Please email us at if you wish to request parts or servicing for the purpose of getting to work.
Our workshop will continue to run minimally with a sole mechanic on Wednesdays from 10am - 2pm. We will have a "no-touch" drop off system allowing bikes to be thoroughly disinfected following drop-off and again prior to collection. We will never have two employees working in the same space to ensure isolation is maintained. Payment for these services can be made by bank transfer prior to collection. We will then leave your bike out for collection and we will send you a text to advise it is ready.
If you are one of our many customers who do not own a car and rely on your bicycle for necessities such as grocery shopping then please also get in touch.
We will monitor the one day option and if it seems we need to open another day, this is an option for us.
If in doubt, just give us a call! 021 0816 5000


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